Did you catch a threat email? Or more threatening e-mails? How do you react?

First, go over what you should not do.
Do not answer. Do not threaten me.
Do not complain about your ISP and close your account. Destroying evidence.

Now, here's what to do.
You must always take any threats seriously. We had to print the threat immediately and save the email to a disk. Take this personally to the local police station and make a police report. Then follow the police. Ask to meet the detectives assigned to your case. Make sure you follow.

Unfortunately, many police do not seriously take e-mail threats. They try to understand the threatening e-mail text and try to illuminate the threat, claiming it can be interpreted in different ways. They can tell you to turn off your computer, change your email, and ignore it.

If you are told that you do not have the resources to try to track the email and identify the sender, you are probably right. Unlike CSI, many police in TV have no full-scale cybercrime, and if so, they are likely to be overwhelmed with cases.

But do not lose hope. You can hire a private detective who has the time and the means to find and identify the sender of the email threat. The investigative investigator specializing in e-mail investigations has experience in gathering and retention of evidence that he or she needs in court. They often get in touch with local police and act as an agent in dealing with the police and help to help the matter with the attention he describes.

If you decide to hire the investigator, do the homework in any case. Do a Google search on PI's behalf and see if you are an expert in tracking emails and computer monitoring.

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