No, I'm not talking about Bambi and Friend Owl describing love stuck. LOL … well … maybe some love stuck! I'm talking about Social Networking. Social Networking is right now, and Twitter is one of the many chapters.

I like Twitter. I use ventilation, sharing, network and promotion. FREE. Free advertising and advertising. It's wonderful, huh?

Twitter is really a useful tool for promoting your site or business. Twitter is like a live mini IM / blog that can get many people. An excellent way to talk about a product or service. However, you should make sure you do not send spam to your followers!

Submit that day to things that are taking place during the day. Work, family, news, etc. Then, if you send some "ads", you will not look like a crazy Twitter spammer!

You can add Twitter to your browser. I use Fire Fox, so is Twitbin. It fits right to the left of my screen so I can see the new post I'm following. And so I can record a post when the mood comes up. It's cool!

Notice what happens to the people you are demanding. Take part in the conversations to attend, not just a sodom. If all you send about you, no one will care about you! Become a real blue twitter friend.

I've created many new friends on Twitter. If I never got "Twitter", I would not have met them!

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