Network management is one of the oldest and most suitable tools for getting direct links and promoting business. Take this web age and have community sites that are geared to build your own networks online. One of the widest used network services is Twitter. Twitter is a social networking service that allows users to send and read updates that are known as tweets to other users. A great way to stay connected with your friends and to quickly provide information about where you are and what you are getting for?

Twitter started as an experiment in 2006. When used as instant media for sharing information in situations such as earthquakes, conferences, and festivals – twitter enjoyed a lot of popularity. That's why Twitter, Inc. was founded in 2007. Today, Twitter is a privately-funded company, San Francisco, CA. Tweets on the profile page are up to 140 characters long. These followers or people follow. You can restrict tweets to a group of people, or open to everyone within the circuit.

You can use and send twitter via Twitter. You can also send and view tweets with Mobile Phones SMS (short message service). This service is free of charge, but using your mobile phone will incur the sms from your service provider.

Why Twitter?
At the podcasting company Odeo, Mr. Jack Dorsey considered this idea in mind with SMS services in mind to share information with their friends and strangers. So the working day was initially a Condition. But it did not sound very attractive and after a lot of brain crash, it came up with Twitch (because the phone vibrates when it moves or gets a message). But the tension was still not very good and after looking up the dictionary that came with Twitter, which meant "short information combinations" and "beeps", which was exactly the product. Here's the Twitter name.

Twitter and your business
People are working on Twitter to discover and share ideas with others. Now people are turning to Twitter as an effective way to reach businesses.

You can use Twitter for a business
o Transfer your latest business news and blog posts
o Interact with Clients
o Enable Simple Internal Collaboration and Group Communication

o Join Business and Career Industries and topics such as Twibes and WeFollow
. o Join Twitter for regular business contacts.
o Stay in touch with your friends and colleagues. Sometimes a friend or a colleague can help you and gain valuable business.
o Call up and transfer any references.
o Tell other Twitter users to your network, including those that follow them – by sharing the goodwill encouraging the return of others.
o Do not publish your tweets at one time and post them all day.
o Help people with their problems if they can and share tips about your business.
o Report interesting information about your business / industry with comments.
o Link to articles and published content Where else is a summary of why it is valuable.
o Share your original thoughts about your subject, industry, and business.
o Share what you're doing to let people know what kind of job they've been doing. Do this occasionally, not all day.

Some interesting ways for companies to promote their services and products:

o DELL has created a range of Twitter profiles, each designed different types of bids (such as the Dell Outlet entry for recently updated Dell computer bids).
o STARBUCKS announces new bids and takes part in threading these deals with Twitter followers.
o FULL FOOD MARKET asks how your customers want to read and watch, offer new food podcasts and invite them to the upcoming events of the company
o BEST BUYERS GINKA'S COMMUNITY has been built to communicate with clients and friends
o ATTNEWS updates Twitter followers about the news on the site
o BREAK POINT updates the company and industry news and discusses with their Twitter listeners.
o FORD has posted internal news on twitter
o SAMSUNG has established a Twitter account for mobile phones and a company (US department) and product information.
o The KODAK CHIEF BLOGGER both enter a company blog and discuss it with the company's customers.

So if you're interested and useful to sign up for business and become a member of the widest common social network and enjoy interaction and new friends.

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