The Internet has created many opportunities for us to leave our office or home without a network. In fact, virtually any form of internet presence offers an opportunity for the network. The Virtual Network's goal is to "notice" to meet people and develop relationships in your own time and in your own space.

Get groups where people you want to know are "hanging". You can start searching your favorite search engine (such as Google or Yahoo) for your professional or business expertise and find more resources than you can at any time check. They may include alliances, teach schools as your subject, online communities, competitors, and colleagues, source pages, job advertisements, and publications. Here are some more ideas for virtual networks you've certainly noticed:

a. Blogging – the ultimate network device. It's a great way to expand your social and business universe. You begin to become an expert or very credible advocate with whom you know and / or experience. Others have started to gravitate within the blog-sphere and within their own.

b. Forums and bulletin boards – Finding and insisting on the right forums, "hang" and participate in discussions, help the same people with time to increase their powers. Be careful not to be too self-conscious about posting – in most cases it is not allowed and will prevent participation. However, you can get a short signature line with your name and company membership (and perhaps a URL).

c. Chat – Many online communities are discussing some topics. Participating in membership chats offers the best possible opportunities for good exchange and professional relationships

d. Join an online business or social network like MeetUp, Ryze, Max-in-Common, Linkd In, Open BC, VNI (Virtual Networking International). These groups consist of subgroups that pay particular attention and similar interest. Or join a non-specific group to gain more knowledge, exposure, and connectivity.

e. Give Some Value Online – Seth Godin sold more than a million copies of the idea, because the e-book was online and allowed others to do the same with their own powers. Many hard copies were sold because people simply had to be their own. He applied the same strategy to every subsequent book, with similar results. Seth met thousands of people (maybe millions of people). I know because I contacted him and had some good conversations. Free Works!

f. Find People to Make Interviews – The Women's Ecommerce Association, International ( organizes 3-4 fixed-line (teleconferencing) monthly talks and interviews with women around the world. The members of the association are invited to attend and take friends to the events. They are very interactive and have created many good stores.

g. Receiving a radio program (or guest) – It is very similar to the above idea, except that the event will be forwarded to the Internet either live or in an archived file later. Pat Lynch met the Women's Radio and asked women all over the world. It helped promote these women in their websites and programs, in newsletters and in conversations with others. I know because I'm the recipient of the referrals. I also had a guest at Webmasters, By For and Women, Women avenue and dozens of others. It's a great way to meet with the media, and many people have come in contact with me and my site traffic has increased considerably after broadcasting the program.

Here are some other tips for virtual networking success:

– Be Careful if you send the same message to multiple groups. Ask the moderators of each group to be allowed first, otherwise they will be considered as "spammer" and banned.

o Cool it. If you're angry at a position, take a deep breath and consider your reputation before you react. If you respond negatively to an entry, you may want to send an email directly to the source rather than the "whole world". I saw moderators quit and reputation faded because people lost the cool. The hiding is hanging, reading reading places and never taking part. Of course, you will not be interested in any dispute, but if so, make sure you answer. The only way to be a successful virtual network builder is to take part in people and build relationships.

o Be short – keep the messages short and accurate. I saw so many long posts that could be edited for a short paragraph or a few sentences. Some people just want to see "they see themselves talking".

o Practical common courtesy, be polite and friendly. Be generous. If you have knowledge that can be useful to the group, share it. The authors get more than the buyers.

The virtual network is a good way to extend reach beyond the local community. The internet offers us all the opportunity to take international action if you want. You can meet people around the corner or around the world. What better way to reach and touch someone in the 21st century than on the internet?

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