Remember this is a relationship. Prospects raise questions about your business and yourself. However, I did not see very successful marriages where one spouse would do everything from eternity to eternity, and the other spouse would do everything. Now, this type of marriage will be unsuccessful, but it is also a business relationship, even if it is one-sided. Remember, this is an interview. Do you really want to invest in your prospects and help them earn money? How do you know which person to work and who wasted time and energy and never go anywhere?

For everyone in network marketing, we all know this is a job. This is not a rich, quick plan. If you do zero, I'll be psychic and predict what will happen on a check every month … There would be nothing! Now, what happens to your checks if you have all your zeros? They will also be zero. We know that the fact of being successful is the relocation of a corporate product. So, how do you know those people who are serious or not worth a heart attack when they have a bubble gum.

Now, when you're a business owner, you're interviewing your employees and you might have been on both sides of the process. Now you have to talk to your prospects. If we all think about why they have the best opportunity for them, stop and go into the bathroom and do whatever you need and take it out of the system. Come back and interview with your business partners.

In the interview, it's not about talking, it's about answers. Let the brochure talk to you. Here are key questions that I ask.

  • Have you ever had business? How long was it in the industry? What was the company with you? Now it will be for a person who has been in network affairs before. Listen to the answers because that's where people say what you want to hear.
  • Why did he want to start a home based business? Why did you start doing business?
  • How does your business currently build? How did you find people to build a business? What did you ask? Why did you ask her? How did you get ahead of the challenge?
  • How many people are sponsoring your business every week? What size is your team?
  • How much can you invest in your business every month? How much do you do? Are you profitable?
  • What's your biggest goal? (Bring them to blow their courage and why)
  • Get to know the family, your hobbies, your married life. This may be the reason why most people get out of business. You need to know what drives them!
  • How do you see this business?

Get them to talk! See where the focus is. Will buyers enrich the next 30 days? You must work with these people and work with serious people, not working waves. When I leave the interview process, I want to see who the mentors are and where they got the education. This is important and you need someone you love training style and your workout, and there is someone who refers to it. You want her to grow and do not waste her time.

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