iPad is a device that can perform the same functions as your computer. It has enough function to almost replace your laptop and it's a bit easier to carry with you because it's easy. Sometimes the iPad has problems with receiving emails. Find out what you can do to resolve this issue when it's on your device.

First, make sure you have an active Internet connection. Sometimes, email does not work simply because there is no internet. Check the 3G connection if you have one or wifi. The best way to open a browser is to find something to see if the binder is active.

Make sure you have set up the email correctly on your device. There is enough information to be correct, otherwise your email will not be downloaded to your iPad.

One of the most common errors is entering the password incorrectly. This is all you need to check your email. If the password is incorrect, often, you will not be able to receive the email. Try again to carefully check the password to make sure it is correct.

Do you have the correct incoming mail server? This is what your e-mail service provides you. Some use the standard version of "mail" as subdomains, while others do not.

Do you have the appropriate SMTP mail server on the device? This is often different from the incoming mail server address. It can not be used in both places.

You should check your email settings on another device to make sure there is no configuration issue like the iPad. You may have bad information, your machine may be disabled, or your email will not allow you to check your mail, as this is not the case.

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