Quotation: The network includes a robust, proactive referral partner team that is capable of continuously delivering business.

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o Network Networking

o Determining Networking

o 7 The Myths and Truths of Networking

Before we talk about networking, let's take a look at some of the results some effective networking principles. The examples we cite are mostly from the Local Business Network, simply because they are the individuals we work with and who we know about. In most cases, you can replace LBN with the words "structured network organization".

We share these stories to help you understand how effective networking can be for anyone who is willing to learn the principles of networking and to apply them consistently. Many people, therefore, get the $ 100,000 reward. In many cases, the bidding partners' business activity is 25% for 90% of sales. We hope that these examples will encourage you to read and consider seriously the principles we are taught. Hyer launched IGD Solutions, a web site development company in 1999. In 2000, he joined the Local Business Network, a structured business reference organization. Steve was not just new to business but was new to networking.

In the next three years, LBN tenders averaged 38%. In real dollars, this number means six numbers a year. Strategic and referral partnerships with Steven's own chapter and other members of the chapter helped Steven to provide continuous reference streams and thus create new leaders and new customers. For regional mixers, Steve found the relationship between referral partners in the technology field particularly useful.

Steve writes that "LBN is the only effective method we use to promote our business. Month and really focus on sharing links makes it extremely effective." Owner of a successful business in 1 year

Mark Raymond suddenly downplayed his IT business when he bought his business. The IT market was slow, and Mark knew he needed more resources. He knew it was time to grow business.

Mark had entrepreneurial background. Previously, he has a number of businesses, ranging from turntables, truck driver, multimedia expert, car show. Fortunately, he has built a successful real estate lease and has more than ten properties. However, he had to change his IT income.

Mark joined Pre-Paid Legal Services. Instead of team building, he focused on sales aspects but faced prospects and referral partners. The target markets were the owners of companies and small businesses, but they did not know where to start.

His wife, realtor Tricia Raymond, belonged to a local business network and encouraged her to use networking for her business. Mark can only go one way – at full speed ahead. He became chairman of the LBN chapter and aggressively built referral links.

He sold over 400 pre-paid legal entities within a year of joining LBN. Almost half, 180 members came directly or indirectly from the LBN. Today, there is a rapidly growing nationwide network of business associates that help boost your business.

Sales Agent more than 60% of an address insurance company due to its business activities Sandra Maurer enjoyed networking but did not realize how powerful it would be when he joined Birmingham, MI for Local Business Network. Its sales depend largely on the relationship with mortgage creditors, lawyers and real estate agents.

Sandra began to visit the LBN chapters as much as he could to meet the most important referral partners and build relationships. He participated in all regional mixers to meet with other members and build more relationships. It was an extraordinary referral generator that reported more than 50 referrals per month.

Within two years, more than 60% of the income of LBN's relationships was produced. When he changed his job, he contacted him and got an immediate sales base, even though he sold various products and services. ]

Norm McKee Accountant and Business Advisor. In the first year of LBN, LBN members accounted for about 25% of their company. In the second year it rose to 40%. In addition to liaising with other LBN professionals, he also started working out the benefits of the employee and was able to show more profits than the previously profitable accounting practice.

Norm has customers from eight to ten new customers every month. It receives more than $ 100,000 in referralums annually, and at least transfers this amount to its referring partners.

Norm says: "Because of the structured / educational-based program, we opted for LBN for our network. LBN members understood the importance of relationship marketing and utilization of relationships to create marketing for their business. 90% of sales came from the LBN Members or referrals Mary Youtz was cut by a large software development company who worked unluckily at the accounting department for an ungrateful boss, choosing their own business and using networking as their primary assets.

After six months, the company was black and 90% of the sales came from its members. Mary immediately recognized the value of visiting as many chapters as possible and became a regular visitor with more than half a dozen chapters near her. region has participated in a networking event and has built relationships with those who can send their references. For each meeting, he took the enrollment. Mary grew in person in 1961. He was never obliged to speak in public and initially expressed concern that he had to make sixty-second advertising at his local chapter meeting. He quickly raised his fear and even became a speaker at regional networking events. His friends saw an extraordinary transformation in his self-confidence and behavior. He recently gained his position in his local chapter.

And there are hundreds of more stories, but we do not have time to tell everyone. Here are some quick recaps for some.

o Jim Motley has launched a new computer repair business for $ 250,000 in sales for the first year largely redirects; doubled its business in the second year; then doubled the third year again.

o Jeannie Kime, a promotional product distributor, spent two years in another networking organization before joining LBN without achieving much success and then expedited his business in the first year at LBN. Gentilia represented 35% of Perfect View Blinds in LBN's first year, up 40% of its second year.

Doris Benson's Comfort Zone Heating and Cooling Developed 100 new customers in LBN's first six months.

o Ed Koerner, mortgage lender, received 36 first reference years in LBN's first six months

o Commercial creditor Brian Jenks turned over $ 12 million and $ 5 million. ] o Sharon Quarters, the Realtor, received more than $ 2 million in the first three weeks of the LBN.

o Attorney, Brian Rolfe took the lead in a $ 50,000 customer after a few weeks of joining LBN

o Julie Greene, a financial planner, reported co-operation $ 20,000 to his LBNs, and the expectation that this number will double the next year.

We could continue this kind of story forever, but it is important to understand that the network principles are a legitimate business person, a valid product or service that is available to the general public or other businesses. The question is not whether the system works, but rather whether it is willing to learn and apply the principles of networking.

What is Power Networking? The Webster Dictionary defines networking, "developing relationships or exchanging information in an informal network to pursue career development". In broader terms, virtually any type of social interaction can be considered networking. Most business people are familiar with the informal networking of chambers of commerce and other business organizations. But in a business environment where increased sales are the ultimate goal and "time money", informal and impeccable networks are inadequate. Describe and define more formal and targeted networking.

Developing Win-Win Connections – Bob Burg sets out the networking of the infinite links book, the "mutually beneficial win-win relationships." Bob says that "if everything is equal, then people are doing business and people they provide the knowledge they know, love and trust. " Networking is therefore aimed at establishing relationships that are doing business with you and sending you references because they know, love and trust you. Bob's goal is to transform networking from an "informal process" into a "formal" process that generates revenue generating sales and increased revenue

. and trust in you. There is a need to get acquainted with others, and they like what they see and trust you before sending any references. When building a referral network, you need to develop trust relationships.

Sales with Network Partners – The network network includes "through" sales that are not network partners "not" for them. Two aspects of business come from networking, as Mr. Burg describes, deal with those you are familiar with and business with those they know about. The latter is much more critical than the former, because potential potentials are hundreds of times larger – assuming every business person literally has hundreds of people. The ultimate goal of formalized networking is not to "sell" those who know, love, and trust in you, but instead sell them to the hundreds of people you know

. does not know the scientists who help and cooperate. "Collaborative Marketing" is based on the following assumptions:

1. With a minimum of training you and one partner can effectively examine each other and that

2. It is easier for everyone to look at their influence than on the other person with the same individuals.

This definition is another critical aspect of the official business network. You need to learn about others to advertise your business for you. Obviously, however, that others are taught to promote your business, you must first understand how to promote yourself. Effective network builders need not only understand their prospects and how to promote them, but also have the ability to learn others, how to determine the prospects of their products or services, and how to create the opportunity to present presentations . ] Referral Partners – But why do you want this person, your friend, who generates referrals for you, working so hard to promote your business to others? What's in it? Obviously, you expect something from him, and although this reward can be obtained in any form, the ideal form of remuneration is the person who can use his or her products or services. This reciprocity must exist in order for the formal network connections to be tolerated. And this concept of reciprocity leads us to further define a focused business network: this is the creation of personal wealth through inclusion and exchange of references. If you want to send referrals from other people, you must be ready and able to redirect the recipients. If you do not return it, the link will not exist and you will not receive the referrals again.

These are specific types of relationships where references are regularly and continuously exchanged as "referral partners". They are the golden pot at the end of the rainbow, the mother's sister! One of these links can lead to hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dollars in referrals. Most business networking efforts must focus on finding and developing these relationships. Many of these connections can lead to processes that are sufficient to meet the needs of your business.

Strategic Partners – The "referral partner" is closely related to the "strategic partner". A "strategic partner" is a person who offers products or services that are complementary to oneself and who are willing to cooperate with you to offer products or cooperate with marketing efforts. By working with a "strategic partner", you can expand the range of products or services that you can offer your customers, thereby increasing sales or expanding your customer base, or leveraging marketing marketing costs through joint marketing efforts, thereby reducing marketing costs or creating marketing efforts that you can not afford. Since the same or similar clients are dealing with their own, "strategic partners" may be "referral partners".

Conventional Network and Network Networks – Discover the style of traditional networking and networking, and in the hope that you sometimes use your products or services, or refer you to others, change the term "network network". Energy management is a network style where we have developed business with the development of effective and proactive partners who sell your business to your business. Structured networking groups, both formal and informal, that teach referral-based networking and help develop a referral partner team. In this book we explore the nature and role of structured network groups in the application of network network principles.

Myths and Truths on Networks

Myth 1: Networking is just a "good old boy club" and is just the goal of comradeship and community.

Truth: With proper training, networking can focus on developing business relationships that lead to significant business referrals and not the encounter of other people with a social lunch or bar in the "happy hour"

Myth: Networking is the waste of production time.

Truth: Networking for developing relationships between referral partners is more productive than time-selling. An effective referral partner can result in hundreds or even thousands of sales over the life of the relationship.

Myth 3: Networking is only for aggressive, loud-speaking agents

Truth: networked, aggressive, people-centered people rarely succeed. It is difficult to build respect and trust, which is the basis of reference partnerships. [4] Myth # 4: Networking brings together people who are struggling and have no real influence on the market. Truth: Networking attracts both successful and experienced entrepreneurs and professionals as well as relatively less experienced people. It's important to note that everyone has the databases they want to link to.

Myth 5: Networking takes too much time or just a few results.

Truth: Networking is a highly leveraged activity, as it meets many professionals in a very short time. The people you meet are aligned with referral partner relationships. As shown earlier, the results may be extraordinary.

Myth 6: Networking is expensive.

Truth: Networking is one of the least expensive marketing types. Local Business Network (LBN) charges $ 30 each month for members. Many members pay a full year for a full year with a good offer. Some of the cost-benefit ratios run to hundreds.

Myth 7: Networking is primarily for small, non-professional businesses.

Truth: Networking can benefit any type of business. A number of examples are experienced professionals such as accountants and lawyers, technology companies, retailers, home businesses and others.

Summarizing what we learned in the first chapter: [19659002] 1. Businesses that are focused on the core include mutually beneficial "win-win" relationships called "meticulous partnerships"

. These relationships are based on trust and engage in cooperative marketing within each other's influence.

3rd In order to be effective, they need education and training in recognizing prospects and generating referrals

. Relationships between referral partners must be balanced and both parties must demand a referral. Strategic partners are individuals who offer complementary products or services like customers. Collaborate with them to expand their product offerings, expand their market, and create marketing opportunities.

6th Energy management through marketing your business is through effective proactive "referral" and "strategic" partnerships.

7th Structured network groups are intended to help develop partnerships. Read Bob Burg's book Endless Referrals.

2nd Take a look at your current business situation. Networking Can Help You

3. Are you ready to commit ourselves to networking as a new way to grow your business?

4th If you are already using a network, are you satisfied with the results? If not, continue reading with the network builder.

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