I think it really depends on what approach you use. In my case, I generate around 2,000 subscribers every month on the Internet, so I try to get in touch with those individuals who don't have a huge telemarketing room over the phone.

For me, the first contact is e-mail and is indeed a certification process. Many get a list of emails and realize that they don't really want what I have to offer, so they choose themselves. Really, it's good; If it was already on sale, you know that it is not necessarily how good your product is, how well you can communicate about how good the product is to the people who need it.

If you are talking to people who do not need you, you are really wasting your time. No matter how good your sales path is, I really use e-mail to get people, and I see who you want to know more and then take it to your phone.

The e-mail process allows me to be authorized in advance before I get them on the phone. You see, I spend a few hundred dollars a month scary and send me 20,000 emails for a few days, and it takes me 5 minutes to e-mail every day – but when I get on the phone and spend hours with someone – it costs me. I can only spend 30 hours a week, which I can spend on the phone – and so I am sure that if I call someone we can talk to me.

If you are not entitled to the prospects before receiving them on the phone, you probably won't make as much or as much sales as you should. It really is simply a way to automate the prequalification process with the help of aweber or other automatic responders.

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