If you're like me, I'm sure you'll get automated responses from social networking sites where someone is trying to add them to their friends. Sometimes you ignore these things, sometimes when a really good friend started the automated email you think a bit. So Twitter is a famous social networking group, maybe you have received some emails to which you are joining. But you wonder what the heck is Twitter?

Well, let me tell you, you see that once a bird named "Twitter" was a very expensive African gray, actually it was called SAM, but for some reason I never learned to talk, called nicknamed Twitter. Occasionally she learned to say "Twitter" and believe it's not Tweety Bird, it's a great bird.

Finally, I gave a Twitter to a friend who was the same kind of female bird. You would not know that SAM (Twitter) started talking about a storm. I think it was lonely. You may have joined an Internet social network.

He is a very smart bird, SAM or Twitter, and I'm sure he was able to communicate delicious with all the other little Tweeters out there on the Internet. Or is social networking Bird brain on less social networking sites? Tweet, Tweet, dear Twitter.

One thing you have to remember about social networks is not real networking, not real life, just as my lord was stuck in a cage, he could not really communicate because he could not commute until he was reunited with the real living with the real member of the race, then think about the moment if you want to?

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