Every day I cross over at least one article that states that every business has to invest heavily in social networks or prevent it from failing. However, I seem to have gone through another article that social networking is a waste of time or even a bad business.

So, what is this?

Like most things in life, I think the answer is somewhere between the two. The ugly truth is that social networks are not the same size for all solutions. It will not be magically transformed into an international superstar. And surely it will not happen overnight.

Online social networks are really different from those of the regular social networking business that has been in the business world for years. Good, thank you for your customer relations being based on trust and respect. And creating such trust and respect requires time and more time.

I've been involved in social networking for more than a year and at that time I learned painfully what works and does not work. I have put my virtual leg several times in my virtual mouth several times. It's not a pretty thing.

1) Individuals providing high competitive services

2) Small businesses that need to reach geographically more dispersed customers

3 .) Nonprofit Organizations

If you fall into this group and are willing to accept the fact that good repute will take time, it is very likely that social networks have a huge impact on your business or causes.

Another thing I learned is that building online reputation is more difficult than in the real world. When a potential customer physically meets a business person, they will be able to observe all kinds of things that can help determine whether they trust a businessman. For example, how the businessman was wearing, how was their attitude and how they behaved.

When a potential customer encounters a business person on the Internet, they have less information in which a decision is made. Often, a businessman has given seconds to grab and keep customers' attention. This can make it easier to build long-lasting relationships.

Even though social networks are sometimes cumbersome and time-consuming, you can bring remarkable results and create. For some small businesses and individuals this is the difference between bankruptcy and success.

If you are on the fence to see the social network, remember this keyword, Garbage In, Garbage. If you enter, you expect simple and fast results, you should think back. Rome was not built one day and will not have the online reputation.

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