The standard rules for a note of participation notes can be read in the window when it only communicates via e-mail for business information. If you are aware of the fact that there is a death in a family of people with a professional relationship, it is best to send a "snail mail", preferably hand-made, in black ink and personal stationery.

However, if your relationship is strictly business – that is, you never had lunch together or a few drinks after a meeting – you can agree to send a short sympathy. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to say, but here are some simple rules:

Begin with Dear (use first name if necessary) and declare your regret without death without having to deal with the disease or accident. You do not need to say you heard about the case.

Then try to think of a certain special visa for the deceased, perhaps notes to others, notes from the oath or comments made by the recipient of the note. Otherwise, you can talk about relationships or borrow any other quotes on Google's relevant sites, such as "sister quotes" or "quotes from fathers".

Assists you or your organization, which is possible when possible. You can ask where there is a charity that you can donate to the deceased's honor or you can choose your favorite charity and mention that you donate to the memory of the missing person.

Keep short, do not curious, and if you have a meeting or business meeting in the near future with the mourner, make a bid to change the meeting at a later date.

If you want, you can add "You are (and you and your family) are in my prayers." Sign in with "Yours" and then your full name.

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