Bacon is one of the most simulcasts in America. This is part of our culture that serves the country for the fast-food advertisements and serves breakfast tables. Can you withstand this irresistible crunch and smells that only bacon supplies? However, despite its delicious reputation, bacon has long been perishable to our health. Critics evaluate the high fat content, cholesterol, sodium and nitrite levels of bacon as a health condition when bacon is avoided. New evidence, however, shows that this long-standing belief can not be justified. See why bacon is good for you.

Healthy Fat

Bacon's main attraction is high fat content. Half of the fat in the bacon is unsaturated, mostly consists of oleic acid, the same acid found in healthy olive oil. Another type of bacon, palmitoleic acid, has valuable antimicrobial properties that increase the health benefits of bacon. While the other 40% fat fat contains saturated fat, this saturated fat is really healthy! It helps keep bacon fat and prevents it from getting out. Other benefits of bacon fat include high vitamin D and high antioxidant levels.

Necessary Cholesterol

Another critic of critics is high cholesterol in bacon. However, new evidence suggests that dietary cholesterol is really important for us to consume and is not associated with increased risk of heart disease or other health problems. Furthermore, cholesterol is also needed to regulate hormones and bodily functions. Oxidized cholesterol can, however, contribute to these health risks. This type of cholesterol is often found in powdered milk and powdered eggs in processed foods and may be responsible for heart disease. It is important to avoid this processed cholesterol and nourish our body with natural cholesterol, such as bacon.

Important salt

The high salinity of bacon also caused fear, as nutritionists often warn of the dangers of sodium. However, salt is actually very important and necessary for the correct body function. For example, it is used in blood, sweat, tears and mucous membranes in our bodies. A low salt diet can increase your chances of heart disease, osteoporosis and hypertension. Nowadays, Americans consume salt so much as before chilling when the meat was salted. Even animals know the importance of salt as they seek sodium sources, such as salt. Therefore, there is no reason to avoid bacon due to salt content. In fact, extra salt can make you healthier.

In summary, fat, cholesterol and salt do not deal with bacon. These things are all important for diets and should be consumed on a regular basis. However, the only thing to take care of bacon preservatives is to increase shelf life. Generally, processed bacon contains more artificial preservatives such as nitrate. They are the problem of most processed meat and can cause health problems. To avoid these, the best practice is to get fresh, natural bacon. Then you can enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast, bacon and everything!

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