To send e-mails to your list of clients and contacts, you need an email organizer, also known as autoresponder. If you want to advertise or sell your emails through the list of subscribers, automatic replies are mandatory if you do not want your email marketing to become a complete nightmare.

Auto Response is a unique tool that helps you with email marketing. It helps you create a list of subscribers, gather email addresses, organize subscribers, and send emails to the list. After setting up the system, you can automatically send email to groups or categories or to the entire list.

Automatic e-mail

E-mail organizer or auto-messaging service is a kind of automated e-mail service that can organize and schedule mail e-mail and marketing. You can group people in the list into categories, so they can fit into different slots.

The list of customers and prospects is a very important part of your business. An auto-notification node is a list manager and automatic email submitting. You can load a set of emails first and set up the date of the email you want to send as well as the part you need to send the list.

For example, if you use the auto-response tool with 50 e-mails and send you once a week, subscribers are listening to you almost every week for almost every year. This is really a "set and forget" system that saves a lot of work and time and difficulty.

Single Message

Of course, you can send a single message at any time, like an email organizer. In this case, enter or paste the message, select the people you want to send, and then click Send. It's as easy as this; hundreds or even thousands of people can get in touch with a touch of a button.

Now you can ask how to add these subscribers to the list. Respondent services will also help, and even create an automated process for capturing subscribers.

Select Automatic Response

There are many auto responders (software) and auto responder services available. You can purchase your own auto-reply software and then send your message to your computer and email account. However, I do not recommend this option.

First, because it takes a lot of time for the computer and email service to send a large number of emails. Secondly, when your e-mail provider sees you sending a large amount of email from your account, it assumes that you are spamming and possibly acting against you.

Another, much better option for using a professional automatic answering service. You still find free e-mail services that I do not recommend because they are less reliable and include their own advertisement when sending their e-mails.

So, I suggest you pick one for the market leader and the best autoresponders market – AWeber or GetResponse. For a relatively small monthly fee, these auto-responders handle everything by installing, scheduling, and sending emails on the list of emails.

Web Forms

You can have any list of any of them. They create a web form installed on their web site to accept subscribers. Web forms are based on templates that can be customized. Next, you copy / paste a snippet of code that you add to your web pages.

The result is an opt-in format that appears on your web pages where visitors enter their name and email address and join the email list. If you are using a dual opt-in system (which you must enter), you must confirm your subscription before adding it to the list.


requires additional steps for people signing the newsletter or e-zine before they actually become subscribers. When submitting the opt-in form, you will receive an email from you asking them to click on a link in the email to confirm their subscription.

Both of the above-mentioned two response services offer many different tools and features to best serve your email marketing efforts. They also provide useful help with tutors and knowledge bases.

The list of subscribers with which you can send newsletters, updates, and bids is a great advantage of online business, so you definitely need one. You must have an "Email Organizer" (Automatic Responder) to manage your lists and email submissions. Worth the money!

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