When you get an email from you, you will always see my contact information at the bottom and you know exactly how to contact me. You will see

# My name

# My company name

# My phone and fax number

# My email address (with active hyperlink)

# My web address (active hyperlink)

# And an active hyperlink to the newsletter subscription page

But is there any availability at the bottom of all your emails? If not, why? And why is it so important to have an e-mail signature? Well, because:

# Customers and potential customers know exactly how to contact you

# This is a good marketing tool

# You can use to promote special offers

# You can drive traffic to your website

# Tell people what you are doing and what it is

To create an email signature can easily be done and I'll tell you how! As a general rule, e-mail should be signed up to six or seven lines long, otherwise it will be too big and reduce emails. After all, you do not want your e-mail signature to be longer than your email.

# Your Name

# Your Company Name

# Your Phone and Email Address

# Your Website URL with Active Hyperlink

# And maybe a line that supports one of its services, a special offer, a link to the newsletter, or anything else you want to let your target audience know about it.

Set the email signature to AUTOMATICALLY stand out on every email you send, regardless of whether it's a new email, or whether you're responding or forwarding an email.

e – mail signature …


1. Go to Tools

2. Options

3. Mail Format

4. Signature Selector

5. Click the "New" button, and then enter the name of the signature, that is business

6. Customer will sign "Next" and then sign in to the blank box. You can change the font, font size and text color

7. When finished, click the "Finish" button and check the signature in the preview window. If necessary, return and edit.

8th If you are satisfied with your new signature, click OK.

ninth Check that the box next to "Use this signature by default" box contains the name of the new signature and click OK.

10th Congratulations – you are ready!

Outlook Express

1. Go to Tools

2. Options

3. Signatures page

4. Select "Add All Signatures to All Outgoing Messages"

5. Delete the check box: "Do not give signatures to" Answers and Forward "

6. Add the signature in the Edit Signature box

7. If you are satisfied with your new signature, click OK. Congratulations – You're Ready

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