E-mail etiquette is an important factor when considering which emails you want to send but especially when writing business emails. If your emails are badly written or incorrectly written or incorrect grammars, your company will be badly displayed. It is very important to follow the rules of the simple etiquette to make sure that your information is good.

Delivering your staff on an email etiquette course can really be useful to your business and save you time and money. It can efficiently increase efficiency and productivity.

Here are some things we should avoid:

If you are not trying to highlight something very strictly, then it's not a good idea to use all the caps. This is an e-mail shouting. This is very aggressive, so it's not a good idea to use all the hats and the best to avoid it.

Be polite
The written word is permanent, something that can be read and re-read, so if we feel something angry or angry, be careful not to react too much, send a message that later regret it.

Bulk note of long list of people
When responding to many people who do not know each other, it's a good idea to send the message yourself and everyone else in the BCC field instead of the CC field. This protects the recipient's identity. This also reduces the risk that any of our customers may be at risk in the spam list or contact other clients. Data protection is very important.

Using Relevant Message Levels
Never mark the email as urgent, unless it is really urgent. If you drop the email of your urgency level when you send a very urgent message, people can not take it seriously, as other urgent messages are urgently required in the past.

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