Many small businesses launch life in a collection compiled by compiled computers. In this scenario, there is typically no centralized resource and file sharing on a standard XP, Windows 2000 or Windows NT workstation. Each machine is typically configured with a POP3 e-mail account that checks the ISP server every 5 minutes on the Internet, and possibly also antivirus software that also regularly checks the Internet for updates.

As most businesses will find this solution, they are not very scalable, and once the organization starts to grow, they begin to find a better solution as they begin to suffer from power shortages, there is no centralized account management or security strategy.

Microsoft Windows 2003 Small Business Server enables small businesses to reach the next level with extremely competitive pricing. The Windows 2003 Small Business Server suite consists of a mail server (Exchange 2003), a centralized user management (Active Directory), and an integrated backup solution.

In addition, centralized virus protection can be deployed to the server, such as Trend Micro Client Server Messaging or Symantec End Point Protection, which means that the server monitors the updates every hour and then updates each client for this update. This saves performance issues as some customers no longer use Internet bandwidth to check for updates.

Windows Server Update Service (WSUS), a free application from Microsoft that belongs to the Small Business Server server, can be configured as a centralized resource to update clients with regular security patches and updates. WSUS and Group Policy (part of Active Directory) allow your system administrator to check which updates are available to customers on the network and how to deploy them.

Key server vendors, such as HP and Dell packet-level servers, use Windows Small Business Server 2003 Standard or Premium Edition for highly competitive pricing.

It is possible to find a Microsoft Small Business Specialist on the Microsoft Small Business Portal. These experts, such as IT Smart Solutions in Sydney, Australia, have been certified by Microsoft for the implementation and support of products that are relevant to small businesses. Some experts may be confident that a consultant should have the ability to offer the right solution to your business.

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