Do you have an email address but do not know who owns it? You have received more messages, but do not know who the sender is? Are there any threats to an e-mail address you do not know and do something to do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is advisable to read this article with full focus as I will show you a simple way to find out if an email address is free.

There is a very simple fact that many people do not consider; every man is social animals! This unique fact is enough to find out who your e-mail address belongs to.

There are social networks where you are online. A recent survey reveals that at least one of the ten internet users has at least one community network. Through great Facebook and MySpace networks that have more than one million users and more than ten subscribers every day, there is a huge chance to find the information you need on these sites

. to make a list of sites that allow you to search your friends by email (most of them) for the first time. To open the browser, make a list of the sites you want to use.

Open each site and carefully enter the email address in the search box and see your email address (if any).

This method uses the name, address, age, gender, phone number, interest, occupation, and other personal information. Please note that some of these websites require you to sign up before viewing the details. This method of finding your email address can be very effective when done well.

On the other hand, if you can not find a person on social networking sites, you can continue to use the search engines 'search engines' web pages, which will require you to pay a token fee before you give access to the owner's information.

The beauty of these websites is that they are not billed until they can find a regularly updated database. So there is nothing free to try.

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