The growing number of customers, potential customers, and competitive businesses are members of networks such as LinkedIn, MySpace, and Facebook. Can you find your business? 25% of American adults visit communities at least once a month. Did you find it again?

We understand you can not do anything at one time, but if you or someone you're dealing with, you have time to … do it once.

MySpace and Facebook are not just for teenagers. Walmart, Nike, Visa and Wawa are on MySpace and Facebook. Social media is still used by presidential candidates in past elections. As social media usage continues to grow, the more important it is to take part. We have chosen 3 easy-to-use, free social media sites to help you grow your business!

MySpace is a great tool for building a potential customer network. You can search for users in your area and create a network of individuals who would be interested in using your services or business. You can search for local people with pets to contact them with their grooming store or search for classic car fans to join your recovery business.

Facebook is a social network like MySpace. Facebook allows users to connect their friends to their own network. Day care centers can join a group of job-seekers or, if you own a bookstore, join a network of enthusiastic readers. If you join this network, you'll be in touch with local consumers who are interested in offering your business. They can be members of business, horticultural groups, and members of book clubs, Facebook can organize their relationships to specific networks. You'll probably target those goals best served by your business.

LinkedIn is about building and establishing professional relationships. With LinkedIn, you can connect with more than 30 million professionals from around the world and 150 different industries. When you create a LinkedIn profile, you can find and find past collectors, customers, and associates.

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